The need to overcome Catholic-centered anticlericalism

Rethinking laïcité in Mexico


  • Mariana Guadalupe Molina Fuentes


laicity, secularism, religion, diversity, Mexico


Laicity and secularity refer to the role of religion in the public sphere. Since they both relate to religious phenomena, these concepts are commonly confused. However, they result from separate processes and imply different consequences. This paper explains the development of both laicity and secularity in Mexico and discusses why the former should be reformulated to attain diversity in the Mexican contemporary social system. The paper emphasizes the gap between the existing legal framework and prevailing social practices in Mexico’s ever-changing religious scenario.

Author Biography

Mariana Guadalupe Molina Fuentes

Mariana Molina coordinates the Extraordinary Chair “Benito Juárez” on laïcité at the National University of Mexico (UNAM). She is co-founder of the Interinstitutional Workshop on Secularization, laïcité, and its effects on Human Rights, of the same university. She is also part of the National Research System in Mexico.