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A systematic theology of tolerance

A Reformed perspective


  • Antonius Steven Un


This article seeks to construct a theology of tolerance, based on the Reformed doctrines. It argues that since God gives general revelation, the sense of the divine and the seed of religion, the capacity to interpret and form an identity, and the common grace to every human being including those who do not yet believe in Jesus Christ, Protestants should tolerate their fellow human beings’ existence, even though they may not necessarily agree with other people’s beliefs. Moreover, the authority to coerce human beings regarding their beliefs is Christ’s eschatological authority, not our responsibility.

Author Biography

Antonius Steven Un

Antonius Steven Un is a lecturer at the International Reformed Evangelical Seminary, Jakarta, Indonesia. He has published several articles on Calvin and Calvinism in several Indonesian journals and one article on Abraham Kuyper’s thoughts in an international journal. He has also published several articles on democracy and tolerance in prominent Indonesian newspapers.