Religious Liberty Trends 2007–2008 of the World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission


  • Elizabeth Kendal


Apostasy, apostates, apostaphobia, postmodernism, new cold war, Middle East


The two main issues to dominate religious liberty through 2007 and develop through 2008 are apostasy and the fear thereof, and the New Cold War. The phenomenon of apostasy, eg. Muslims leaving Islam, has increased and become more visible with apostates increasingly publicly claiming their religious liberty themselves. The fearful reaction of the dictators to it, ‘apostaphobia’, has become more violent. The new geo-political realities in the form of a New Cold War are set to have a profound and negative impact on global religious liberty.

Author Biography

Elizabeth Kendal

Elizabeth Kendal is the Principal Researcher and Writer for the World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission (WEA RLC). She has been producing WEA’s weekly Religious Liberty Prayer (RLP) bulletins since 1998, and has been responsible for WEA’s Religious Liberty Commission News & Analysis posting since 2002. She is also a Research Writer of the International Institute for Religious Freedom. The mother of four (aged 17–22yrs), she lives in Melbourne, Australia.