A biblical theology of persecution and discipleship

Part 2: The historical books


  • Glenn M. Penner


Persecution, theology, Bible, historical books, history, suffering, discipline


A truly biblical theology of persecution requires an understanding of a biblical view of history and of suffering. This article seeks to provide such an understanding through an examination of the Old Testament historical books, comparing the biblical view of history with Israel’s surrounding cultures and an examination of suffering, discipline, and persecution as revealed in the historical books of Scripture.

Author Biography

Glenn M. Penner

Glenn M. Penner is the Chief Executive Officer of The Voice of the Martyrs in Canada. He has taught on the biblical theology of persecution to Christian leaders in religiously restricted and hostile nations in South America, Africa and Asia as well as in educational institutions in Europe and North America. He is also on the Academic Council of the International Institute for Religious Freedom focusing on theology of persecution and curriculum development.