Religious freedom and social well-being

A critical appraisal


  • Brian J. Grim


Social and governmental religious freedom, social well-being, ‘bundled commodity’ of human freedoms, equitable framework


Based on extensive research the author demonstrates that social and governmental religious freedom as part of an overall ‘bundled commodity of human freedoms’ contributes significantly to the social well-being of a country’s citizens. This because religious freedom positively impacts on stability, democracy, as well as religious tolerance within a society.

Author Biography

Brian J. Grim

Brian J. Grim is a Senior Research Fellow at the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, and a research affiliate with the Population Research Institute at Penn State University and with Boston University’s Institute on Culture, Religion, and World Affairs. Prior to joining the Forum, he managed the international data initiative for the Association of Religion Data Archives housed at Penn State University. He has extensive overseas experience, having worked for 20 years as an educator, researcher, and development coordinator in China, the former USSR, Kazakhstan, Europe, Malta, and the Middle East.