Book reviews


  • IIRF


  • Brian J. Grim, Roger Finke. The price of freedom denied: Religious persecution and conflict in the twenty-first century.
  • Yacob Tesfai: Holy warriors, infidels and peacemakers in Africa.
  • Yusufu Turaki: Tainted legacy – Islam, colonialism and slavery in Northern Nigeria.
  • Charlene P. E. Burns: More moral than God: Taking responsibility for religious violence.
  • Marianne Heimbach-Steins & Heiner Bielefeldt: Religionen und Religionsfreiheit – Menschenrechtliche Perspektiven im Spannungsfeld von Mission und Konversion.
  • Johannes A. van der Ven: Human rights or religious rules?
  • Paul A. Holloway: Coping with prejudice: 1 Peter in social-psychological perspective.
  • Mike Falkenstine: The Chinese puzzle. Putting the pieces together for a deeper understanding of China and her church.