Truth enfleshed

An apologia for embodied presence in the midst of persecution in India


  • Jose Philip
  • Godfrey Harold



Embodied, love, truth, apologetics, persecution, India


Apologetics, in general, is commonly known as the logical establishment of the truthfulness of the Christian faith. The approach taken towards apologetics involves a combination of various methods and a conversational style, while still emphasizing the importance of reason, rational inference, and consensus as the objectives of this apologetic engagement. The authors acknowledge the limitations of the Western approach to apologetics, which solely focuses on propositional truth. This article aims to find ways to accurately represent Jesus in the Global South, with a specific focus on India. The intention is to develop an approach that can effectively connect with individuals of different faiths, following the example of Jesus, particularly in situations where the Christian community is a minority and persecution is heightened.

Author Biographies

Jose Philip

Jose Philip is a PhD candidate at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Godfrey Harold

Godfrey Harold is Principal, Cape Town Baptist Seminary and Research Associate, University of Stellenbosch.