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Addressing the growing global persecution of Christians

Hungary Helps as a model initiative for other state actors?


  • David R. Hodge



Christians, human rights, religious persecution, Hungary Helps, states


Some states have shown interest in human rights violations targeting Christians, but in most cases the interest has not translated into concrete actions. Hungary is one exception to this pattern. In 2017, the Hungarian government created Hungary Helps, an international development initiative that concentrates on religious op- pression with a focus on persecuted Christians. After a review of data on Christian persecution and state responses, this article examines the guiding principles that inform Hungary Helps and its programs. The paper suggests that other states could consider incorporating various dimensions of Hungary Helps into their foreign policy initiatives to address the growing global persecution of Christians.

Author Biography

David R. Hodge

David R. Hodge is the Distinguished Professor of Spirituality, Religion, and Culture in the School of Social Work at Arizona State University, and a senior non-resident fellow in the Program for Research on Religion and Urban Civil Society at the University of Pennsylvania.