Defending the freedom of expression

The danger and failure of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation’s campaign for global anti-blasphemy laws


  • Robert David Onley


Blasphemy, anti-blasphemy laws, Islam, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, persecution, defamation, Organization for Islamic Cooperation, human rights, Islamophobia


At the United Nations Human Rights Council, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (“OIC”) is once again lobbying for the creation of globally binding anti-blasphemy laws that would intentionally threaten the ability to exercise the freedom of expression and religion globally, both of which underpin modern Western civilization. These proposed laws would criminalize any criticism of religion, namely Islam, under the guise of preventing the “defamation of religion” for all faiths. Through critical analysis of the OIC’s previous failed lobbying campaign to create global antiblasphemy laws from 1999 to 2011, the author asserts that these laws once more represent a dangerous legislative proposition that must be defeated by Western and allied democracies.