Religious communities as good neighbors in a post-secular global society


  • Thomas K. Johnson


religious tolerance, post-secularism


This paper proposes four themes to inform how religious communities can be good neighbors. These are: (1) respect one another’s religions and symbols; (2) avoid religious nationalism; (3) seek to distinguish universal ethical principles from particular religious beliefs; and (4) react peacefully to conversions to and from religions.

Author Biography

Thomas K. Johnson

Dr Thomas K. Johnson is senior theological advisor to the World Evangelical Alliance, which repre- sents and connects 600 million Christians in 140 countries. He has published extensively on issues of ethics and human rights. This is a revised version of a speech given for the Abrahamic Faiths Initi- ative (AFI) on 1 December 2020, hosted online by the US State Department.



2022-03-02 — Updated on 2022-03-03