Religious syncretism and the inclusion or exclusion of women in peacebuilding in northeast Nigeria


  • Olanike S. Adelakun
  • Adedayo Adelakun


inclusion, exclusion, religion, peacebuilding, reconstruction, Nigeria


This article examines the role of religious practices in limiting women’s participation in peacebuilding processes in northeast Nigeria. A human rights-based approach is adopted to examine how Nigerian laws seek to balance religious beliefs and practices with women’s inclusion in state rebuilding processes. The study finds a correlation between religious practices and patriarchy. It connects the inadequate inclusion of women in peacebuilding and rebuilding processes primarily to religious beliefs and perceptions that have been embedded in cultural values. The article concludes that the exclusion of women in peacebuilding and reconstruction processes threatens sustainable peace and may lead to the recurrence of conflict.

Author Biographies

Olanike S. Adelakun

Olanike S. Adelakun is a lecturer at the School of Law, American University of Nigeria, and a gender justice expert.

Adedayo Adelakun

Adedayo Adelakun is a graduate student at Lead City University, Nigeria.