Why Evangelicals need a code of ethics for mission


  • Thomas Schirrmacher
  • Thomas K. Johnson


Ethics, code, mission, evangelicals, witness, conversion


The authors claim that now is the right time for the global evangelical movement to formulate a public code of ethics for Christian mission. Occasionally mission work has been marred by actions that do not demonstrate a proper level of respect for people. A code of ethics in mission would establish a standard of accountability and also become an evangelical contribution to the global effort to establish standards for the relations among religions which should help protect the freedom of religion. The complementary principles informing this code should be the need of all people for the gospel and the God-given dignity of all people created in his image.

Author Biographies

Thomas Schirrmacher

Prof. Dr. theol. Dr. phil. Thomas Paul Schirrmacher, PhD, DD, (born 1960) is President of the International Council of the International Society for Human Rights and President of the International Institute for Religious Freedom (Bonn, Cape Town, Colombo, Brasilia). He teaches as as extraordinary professor of the sociology of religion at the state University of the West in Timisoara (Romania) and human rights and religious freedom at Oxford University (Regent’s Park College). In his religious role he is Bishop and Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance, which represents churches with 600 million Protestant Christians.

Thomas K. Johnson

Dr. Johnson is Director of the Comenius Institute, Prague, and Vice President for Research and Personnel Development for Martin Bucer Seminary: European School of Theology and Research Institutes. He is a Fellow of the International Institute for Christian Studies.




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