Mission in bold humility


  • Christof Sauer


Mission, martyrdom, persecution, suffering


Mission theology must integrate a theology of the cross and of glory. The “Bad Urach Statement” of 2010 contributes “Towards an evangelical theology of suffering, persecution and martyrdom for the global church in mission”. The article gives an outline of a theology of suffering in mission, looks at practical applications for mission and for theological education.

Author Biography

Christof Sauer

Prof. Dr. Christof Sauer (*1963) serves as Research Director of IIRF in a part time position, being retired early for health reasons. He is one of two founding directors of the IIRF and served in that capacity until 2021. He also serves as director of the Cape Town Bureau of IIRF, where he lived from 2000–2020. He developed the International Journal for Religious Freedom.