Martyrdom and the furtherance of God’s plan


  • Thomas J. Wespetal


Martyrdom, theology of martyrdom, theology of suffering, persecution


This work deals with how God’s plan is furthered through the martyrdom event. It examines the significance of martyrdom for all participants and observers (or later learners) of the event – namely, for the martyr himself or herself, for the persecutor, for God, for Satan, and for both believing and unbelieving observers. It can be demonstrated that in every case martyrdom advances God’s plan by either bringing Him glory, or by enhancing people’s relationship with Him.

Author Biography

Thomas J. Wespetal

Thomas J .Wespetal is a Co-Researcher of the Research Programme on Religion, Health and Wellbeing in Southern Africa – Practical Theological Perspectives, Department of Practical Theology, University of South Africa. He received his doctorate in Systematic Theology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 2005, and serves as professor of theology and exegesis at Evangel Theological Seminary in Kiev, Ukraine. He is an ordained minister and missionary with the Assemblies of God, USA.