The Violent Incidents Database of the International Institute for Religious Freedom


  • Dennis P. Petri
  • Teresa Flores


In 2011, Thomas Schirrmacher wrote an opinion article on the challenges of counting the number of Christian martyrs in which he concluded, “What we need is a database in which for any year we could enter all the known, larger cases [of religious persecution].” This was the direct inspiration for the development of the Violent Incidents Database (VID), which collects, records and analyzes violent incidents concerning violations of religious freedom of all faiths, as input for both research and policyinfluencing efforts. The VID is publicly accessible online at

Author Biographies

Dennis P. Petri

Dr Dennis P. Petri is international director of the International Institute for Religious Freedom; founder and scholar-at-large at the Observatory of Religious Freedom in Latin America; lecturer at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología and the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (UNESCO); and director of the Foundation Platform for Social Transformation.

Teresa Flores

Teresa Flores is a Peruvian lawyer, with experience in the research and study of religious freedom in the region, and currently director of the Observatory of Religious Freedom in Latin America - OLIRE.